tennis injuries Tennis Injuries and Treatment Options tennis 934841 1280Tennis may not be as intense as some contact sports like football or hockey, but we do see tennis injuries often. Tennis is a very physically demanding sport due to having to change directions quickly and strategically direct the racquet. We see patients of all ages for tennis injuries.


10 Common Tennis Injuries and Treatment Options:

Lower Body Tennis Injuries

ACHILLES RUPTURE- Occurs when pushing off while the knee is extended (pushing off to chase ball)

  • Breg J Walker Plus with Achilles Rise Kits
  • DonJoy FP Walker™ with Heel Lifts
  • Crutches (if non-weight bearing)

ANKLE SPRAIN- Often caused by twisting the ankle, can range from Grade 1 ( a slight stretch of ligaments) to Grade 3 (complete tear of the ligaments). It all depends on severity as to what brace the doctor prescribes.

  • Walking Boot
    • DonJoy FP Walker™
    • Ossur Rebound® Air Walker
    • Breg J Walker Plus
  • Ankle Brace
    • MedSpec EVO ASO
    • Bauerfeind Malleotrain

HAMSTRING STRAIN- The overstretching of the hamstring muscle (back of thigh).

  • McDavid Thigh Sleeve

MEDIAL COLLATERAL (MCL) AND LATERAL COLLATERAL (LCL) LIGAMENT SPRAINS- May have pain on either inside (MCL) or outside (LCL) of the knee; caused by the knee being forced inward or outward.

  • Hinged Knee Braces
    • Breg Crossover
    • Breg Shortrunner
    • Hely Weber Knapp™ Hinged Knee Orthosis

PLANTAR FASCIITIS – This tennis injury is diagnosed when there is pain on the bottom of the foot near the heal. Pain is most intense in the morning.

  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • OTC Orthotics

Upper Body Tennis Injuries

LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS – An overload on the extensor tendon of the elbow and/or having a too tight of a grip on the racket.

  • Band-It
  • Hely Weber Wrist Titan™
  • Breg Simple Shoulder Sling

MEDIAL EPICONDYLITIS – The is the result of repetitive motion and/or having too tight of a grip on the tennis racket.

  • Hely Weber Wrist Titan™
  • Band-It
  • Breg Simple Shoulder Sling

ROTATOR CUFF INJURY- Overstretching of the four rotator cuff muscles (Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and Subscapularis).

  • Breg Simple Shoulder Sling
  • Breg Slingshot 3 (if surgery is needed)

SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME- This tennis injury is caused by overuse of the shoulder joint (excessive amounts of throwing).

  • Breg Simple Shoulder Sling
  • Breg Slingshot 3 (if surgery is needed)

WRIST SPRAIN/STRAIN-When the ligaments become stretched due to falling or overuse it is a sprain; if the muscles become injured due to overuse or overstretching it is a strain.

  • Hely Weber Wrist Titan™

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