Supporting Matthew 25 Ministries

Matthew 25 Ministries Global VillageFor many years we have been giving gently-used braces to Matthew 25 Ministries. Their headquarters are right down the street, but their services reach people all over the world. Matthew 25 Ministries is a multi-faceted not-for-profit organization that serves more than 20,000,000 people each year.

They collect more than just braces. They accept other medical equipment like crutches, bandages, and gauze as well as school supplies, clothes, shoes, personal care items (shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, etc), cleaning supplies, household items (blankets, tote bags, etc.), Kitchen supplies, baby needs, food, paint, hospitals supplies.

Matthew 25 Ministries With all of these items being received at their Kenwood Road location, they recently expanded to be able to accept and ship out more items and hold more volunteers. This new facility was built with efficiency in mind. 43% of the energy used is created from solar energy! M25M recycles all of its own paper, plastic, and cardboard; as well as all fabric and clothing that’s deemed unusable.

Volunteers get a tour of the facility that includes a simulation of a third-world village. They encourage volunteers of all ages! They even have a system in place for volunteers under 8 years old! If you want to support Matthew 25 Ministries, there are a lot of ways to be involved. They also have a 5K to raise money for their work in the United States and abroad!

We wanted to express how honored we are to support Matthew 25 Ministries and share their mission with others. Here are some resources for you in case you would like to learn more!

  • Matthew 25 Ministries ~ ~ 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 ~ 513-793-6256
  • Hunger 5K ~

Matthew 25 Ministries