Relieve Pain with wrist bracesWrist pain is no fun, but many hand orthoses can ease pain and reduce recovery time. We see patients with various hand issues. Your hands are important for all of your daily activities. Most hand braces do need a prescription; contact us with any questions and we can find the best brace for you!


  • Standard Wrist Brace
  • Long Wrist Brace
  • Boxer Fracture Brace
  • Hely Weber TKO Brace
  • Short Thumb Spica
  • “TeePee” Thumb Spica
  • Long Thumb Spica
  • Resting Hand Splint
  • Benik Brand Thumb/ Wrist Braces
  • Finger Extension Braces


Please call if you have any questions and to set up an appointment. If there is not a brace listed that you need, we can most likely order it for you!