The lumbar spine is made up of 5 vertabraeThere are various injuries that cause middle back (thoracic) and low back (lumbar) pain. The thoracic spine has 12 vertebrae that protect the spinal cord and the lumbar spine has 5 vertebrae. Any type of spinal injury can be frightening because there’s always the fear of harming the spinal cord. Like most injuries to the body, there is always a range of severity. We have various off the shelf and custom options to help any injury heal! If you are in need of a back brace please call us for an appointment and we can guide you through the process!


  • LSO Corset
  • Lumbar Support
  • Chairback LSO
  • Jewett Hyperextension Brace
  • TLSO Back Pack Brace
  • CASH Brace


  • LSO
  • TLSO
  • BOB

For many of our custom back braces we can actually take a 3-D scan of the torso and email the file to our fabricators. We have found this process is easier on the patients and it also expedites the fabrication by cutting out shipping! We use the Comb O&P Scanner.