Recover from an Elbow InjuryWe use our elbows in many ways every day. Most of our upper arm muscles are attached to our elbows to help them function. When an injury occurs, we can lose most of its function which can hinder our ability to lift, drink, write, and other activities of daily living. Bioworks offers a variety of bracing options to help with most injuries! Below is a list of our most common elbow braces we carry.

  • Band-It Tennis Elbow Strap
  • Cubital Tunnel Night Splint
  • Elbow Sleeve
  • Hyperextension Hinged Elbow
  • Post-Op ROM Hinged Elbow
  • Sling


Cubital Tunnel Night SplintHyperextension ElbowBand-It Tennis Elbow Strap






Please keep in mind we can bill most insurances as long as you have a prescription from a physician. Coverage is based on your individual plan, but most of our braces are usually covered by insurance.