An injury can slow down your game and even take you off the court. The earlier you get the right treatment, the faster you’ll be playing again. The orthotists, brace fitters and pedorthists at Bioworks can help you determine the issue and begin the correct treatment for your basketball injury.*

Read through the following injuries to find the one that most closely resembles your basketball injury:

  • ACHILLES TENDON RUPTURE: Occurs with a forceful push-off while the knee is extended. The Achille’s tendon helps us point our toes. Surgery may be required.
    • Breg J Walker Plus
    • Breg Genesis Walker Boot
    • Ossur Rebound® Air Walker
  • ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT (ACL) SPRAIN: Caused by cutting, twisting, landing and deceleration of the knee is a very common basketball injury. The ACL prevents the femur (thighbone) and the tibia (shin bone) from rotating or translating.
    • Post-Operative bracing (For after Surgery):
      • Breg G3
      • Breg Extender Plus
    • Functional Bracing (Used for Activity):
      • DonJoy Armor
      • Breg Fusion
      • Ossur CTi
      • Breg Axiom
      • Ossur Rebound Dual
      • Plus many more
  • ANKLE SPRAIN: Often caused by twisting the ankle, can range from Grade 1 ( a slight stretch of ligaments) to Grade 3 (complete tear of the ligaments). It all depends on severity as to what brace the doctor prescribes.
    • Walking Boot
      • DonJoy FP Walker™
      • Ossur Rebound® Air Walker
      • Breg J Walker Plus
    • Ankle Brace
      • MedSpec EVO ASO
      • Bauerfiend Malleotrain
  • ELBOW BURSITIS: This basketball injury is the end result of a direct blow or constant pressure from a hard surface against the olecranon process (point of elbow).
    • Elbow Sleeve
  • HAMSTRING STRAIN: The overstretching of the hamstring muscle (back of thigh).
    • Thigh Sleeve
  • MEDIAL COLLATERAL (MCL) AND LATERAL COLLATERAL (LCL) LIGAMENT SPRAINS: May have pain on either inside (MCL) or outside (LCL) of the knee; caused by the knee being forced inward or outward.
    • Hinged Knee Braces
      • Breg Crossover
      • Breg Shortrunner
      • Hely Weber Knapp™ Hinged Knee Orthosis
  • TURF TOE: Caused by hyperextension or hyperflexion of the big toe; pain will be present just underneath the toe joint.
    • Carbon Inserts
      • Carbon Graphite Footplate
      • Morton’s Extension Footplate


*Bioworks can not diagnose any injury, we can only give our advice as to what your injury is. Only your physician can diagnose and prescribe a brace for your injury.*

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