3 Tests to find the Best Shoes

3 Tests to find the Best Shoes

When you can’t get orthotic shoes from a specialist, you can use these tests and choose the best shoes to support your feet and provide the best support for your knees, your back, and your posture.

Tammy Daulton, Our Licensed Pedorthist has simplified this process with 3 easy tests to select the best shoes:

  1. Get the Best Shoes best shoes 3 Tests to find the Best Shoes best shoe test collageHeel Test – Hold the shoe in both hands; place one hand on the bottom of the front of the shoe.
    Push the heel of the shoe toward the inside of the shoe with the other hand. If the heel is easy to push down it won’t provide good support for your heel. The best shoes have a sturdy heel to support the entire foot and ankle.
  2. Toe Test – Hold the shoe in both hands; place one hand at the toe of the shoe and one and on the heel of the shoe. Push the toe of the shoe up to try to bend the front of the shoe up. If the shoe is easy to bend anywhere but where the toes meet the foot, it will not provide good support. The best shoe will have very little bend anywhere but right where the toes connect to the rest of the foot.
  3. Twist Test – Hold the shoe in both hands with one hand gripping the heel and one hand gripping the bottom of the front of the shoe. Twist the heel to the right while twisting the front of the shoe to the left. The best shoe will be difficult to twist. If the shoe is easy to twist it will not provide good support.

The next time you go shoe shopping, take these tests with you to choose the best shoes. These tests will help you find shoes that will reduce foot and knee pain caused by wearing non-supportive shoes.

If you have any questions about choosing the best shoes you can send an email to contact@gobioworks.com.


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